IP30 Bluetooth RFID Reader

IP30 Bluetooth RFID Reader

Industrial GEN2 UHF RFID Reader Kit with Battery & Charge Station
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Physical Description

The IP30 handheld reader incorporates the Intermec IM4 high performance radio module as well as a linear polarized antenna for superior range. The IP30 supports both Bluetooth and connection to Intermec's CN4, CN4e, CN3*, CN3e*, CK61 CK61ex, and CK3 mobile computers.
The IP30 meets ETSI and FCC standards and is factory configured to operate in many regions.
The Intermec IP30 add-on passive UHF RFID handle is a cost-effective, compact, EPC global-certified solution for adding mobile RFID read/write capability to Intermec's latest generation of mobile computers including the CN4, CN4e, CN3*, CN3e*, CK61, CK61ex, and CK3.

The modularity of the IP30 and the RFID-readiness of the Intermec mobile computers mean the power of RFID can be literally added in a snap today or at any point in the future to support both in-premise and in-field applications such as warehouse operations, enterprise asset management, in-transit-visibility, direct store delivery and exception handling.

What's in the box

  • IP30 Reader
  • Battery w/ boot accessory (p/n: 075082-002)
  • 2 Bay Charger (p/n: 852-907-001)
  • Power Supply (p/n: 851-082-203)
  • Power Cord (p/n: 1-974028-025))

For the reader only, click here

Click Here for another view of IP30 with Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone. 

Includes 30 days of setup support for use with SerialMagic Gears Android, or Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Android.