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Why Choose CMS

CMS is the premier software solution providing you total control of your business without forcing you to spend hours learning how to use it.

CMS gives you real-time information about your clients, in a web-based application which allows
you to access your information securely from anywhere you are – be it in the office or on the
beach in Cancun.

CMS is scalable with options which allow you to grow your business from one therapy room to multiple rooms in multiple locations. And because CMS is offered in three versions, you choose and pay for only the features you need to run your business now. As your business grows CMS will grow with you. CMS offers features to track the success of each location, including additional services and gift inventory items such as massage oil or candles.
CMS has been used for years, with over 3.5 million appointments scheduled. Being the most experienced software on the market ensures that you benefit from hours of customization to streamline and simplify the software without minimizing your control.
Why should you try CMS?
• Fast set up
• Easy to learn
• Total business visibility
• Grows with you as you grow
What have you go to lose?
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