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CMS Hardware

PC Onsite provides you with a tried and true
setup to run your business. We have used these
packages in over 200 locations and counting.
We have developed these packages to allow
your business to run to its fullest potential as efficiently as possible.

The computer systems we provide are XPC liquid cooled systems with a 1 year hardware warranty. Each package is a complete setup with everything you need from the 17” LCD monitors to the Microsoft keyboard and mouse.

Hardware Packages also include:
• Cash drawers
• Credit Card Readers
• Receipt Printer
• Laser Printer
• Network Router
• All Cables and accessories
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Cash Drawer
PC Onsite fully integrates with electronic cash drawers for both security & reliability. The ability to “Pop” open the cash automatically when a receipt is printed is just one of the features PC Onsite provides to help keep your business operating as efficiently as possible.

Technical Specifications
• RJ 11 Connector
• All Steel construction for security and reliability
• 5 Bill/Coin Fixed Compartments
• Three function center key lock: manual release, electronic release and drawer lock
• Dimensions -> D-15.9" X W-16.7" X H-3.86"

Receipt Printers
The receipt printer that PC Onsite provides is fully integrated into the CMS Software. Receipts are automatically printed once a transaction is complete for the client and also a copy for the business.The receipts are automatically cut for user convenience.

Technical Specifications
• USB Interface
• Thermal Printer (No Ink)
• Auto-Cutter
• 60 Million Line Life Span
• Dimensions -> D- 7.84" X W- 5.59" X H- 5.16"

Credit Card Reader/Swiper
CMS’s integration with credit card processing enables you to seamlessly process both debit and credit cards directly through the software. Credit Card Swipe Readers are essential for accepting credit or debit cards at the Point of Sale. These ID Tech Omni Card readers will not only read magnetic stripes found on credit cards, debit cards, drivers licenses, and most ID cards, but will also read bar codes.

Technical Specifications
• USB Interface
• Only 90 mm long
• Bi-Directional Swipe Capability
• Beeper/LED Indicators
• Reads up to three tracks of information

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