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Features / Addons

CMS.Portable allows employees to access real
time data wirelessly. Employees can add or edit customer data on the fly. CMS.Portable is a fully functional version of the CSM Software

PRICE: 499.00

.NET Centralized Integration
.NET Centralized Integration gives you the ability to streamline all of your locations data. Access your entire customer base from any internet connection. With the ability to add/change customer data, you can increase your customer’s satisfaction with a streamlined experience.

PRICE: 499.00

CMS Credit Card Interface (learn more)
Protect your assets! Knowing that your customer’s credit card data is secure and safe brings peace of mind to them and you as a business owner. CMS is PCI/DSS certified and ensures your customers protection as well as yours.

PRICE: 999.00

Multiple Location Management
Manage multiple locations with ease and maintain all your data. Whether you have 2 locations or 200 locations you can manage all your daily business needs. View data for all your locations activity such as daily revenue, customer traffic, weekly reports, staffing and more.

PRICE: 599.00

Gift Cards
Give the gift of giving. Increase your revenue by allowing your customers the ability to purchase gift cards.
PRICE: As low as .55¢
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